I would like to suggest that the sever should update creative to a new version cause me and everyone that have been playing here for almost a year would guarantee that its getting really repetative with the limit amout of block in version 1.8 and we are missing out alot on new feature in other version

#7727 - Status: open

2 months ago by XxCrystal_redxX for Creative


Lag reduction improvements.Both fps and tps

Prevent the spawners from being rendered in.This is reduce unnecessary fps lag by not rendering the mob inside spawners,and cause massive fps lag.Plus,most,if not all, player made mob grinders have been categoried and spawners are covered so the mobs can spawn inside the boxes.
/TC or /trashcan.Basically /ci(clearinventory) but we put our items we want to be cleared inside.Having th.. See more

#7726 - Status: open

2 months ago by HavaNyab for Global



I think ban is an excessive punishment for spamming in chat maybe it would be better just to be impressed

#7725 - Status: open

2 months ago by nenad767 for Global


Disabling /tpa [name] in pvpmine

People nowadays are complaining about tp kill in pvpmine. Which make us don't trust people who wants people to teleport to them.

#7724 - Status: open

2 months ago by iChosenGirida for Prison


Unban all

Ik it's been months since they ask unban all but I will ask again cause the server is getting low players and also giving chance to all ban evaders to play again since ban evading means they love playing this server

#7723 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 months ago by vPanii for Global


Change the boring Meta

For several seasons now I had to see this disgusting meta in pvp everyone uses. Knockback 10 and Punch 10 everything over the usual limit 2 should be removed to give a change after all this time. Fights are not enjoyable anymore. The same goes to envoys, we spend 5 minutes abusing knockback and punch to grab that loot its just not fun at all. My point here is remove anything higher then 2 of pun.. See more

#7721 - Status: open

2 months ago by CosmicChara for Opfactions


Add map preview

add map preview this will review a map so players will make their strategy and
also to make the islands a bit farther like 29 blocks away or higher that that
because I know one map that is called Ancient Temple that the island are close to each other
and to do map preview it will be like this
By doing this it will show a list of what map you want to review

-Ki.. See more

#7720 - Status: open

2 months ago by _xSoviet for Bedwars



I have been scammed / griefed and have also witnessed people having suffered that. Why would a jail be applied only in 1 server instead of being applied in all servers? The ''penalty'' is not a penalty at all if the player can simply go to another game mode and keep playing the game normally and happily after griefing people. My suggestion is make Jail global so that players actu.. See more

#7719 - Status: open

2 months ago by StefXVI for Global


TNT prices and f bank

Since tnt is expensive I feel like there should be a /f tnt bank to store the rest of the tnt u dont use in raids. So you dont have to keep wasting money and refilling a cannon. This would rlly help since force raiding is a actual thing now and tnt is keen for a raid.

#7718 - Status: open

2 months ago by cheesyDN for Opfactions


Make /blocks work for quartz

A quick suggestion - Quartz, just like diamonds, redstone, etc... is also an ore. It would be nice if it turned into blocks as well when doing /blocks in survival, it can be a hassle when you have a lot of it and need to make it into blocks.

#7717 - Status: open

2 months ago by Fr0styFlqkes for Global


New title.

a New title that's named VapeV4 with the color lime, [&aVapeV4].

#7716 - Status: open

2 months ago by Graphe for Titles


Add Kits and Currency

Add Kits and Currency

Firstly Currency you can gain this by
-Killing a player = 15 Currency
-Breaking a bed = 25 Currency
-Quadra Kill = 45 Currency
Or by finishing quests Ranging from 10 - 300 points based on the difficult of the challenge
This can Buy kits like
- Bed Destroyer| 140 Currency points (Gives haste for 120 seconds when used and snowbuilder)
-Warrior| 100 Currency poin.. See more

#7715 - Status: open

2 months ago by _xSoviet for Bedwars


web suggestion

let us edit our suggestions here,to fix typo/misunderstanding

#7712 - Status: open

2 months ago by FlameTheProtogen for Website


a suggestion about auto sell

please make auto sell "automatically" sell each blocks,mine and sell at the same time soo,ppl can fill their inventory with anything else instead of blocks,no sell message

#7711 - Status: open

2 months ago by FlameTheProtogen for Prison


new prestige/pickaxe enchant

option 1:

we really need auto fix,ppl broke theirs cuz didnt see the durability,so what if adding auto fix prestige upgrades?

description: auto fix pickaxe once durability reach 100,auto fix if atleasf 2m in owner's balance

option 2:

auto fix on pickaxe upgrade it will fix 50% durability after mined serveral blocks amount,like 10k?
level 2: fully repair,other than it still th.. See more

#7710 - Status: open

2 months ago by FlameTheProtogen for Prison


Haste 3

Add Haste 3 in Prison

#7709 - Status: open

2 months ago by iChooseMJ for Prison


New command

Pls add a command where we can do our auction,it will count the highest bid for us,so u wont forgot who, and heres for example:
/auction create,place your items in command's "chest"
/auction start,to start the bidding ofc
/auction min (amount),set minimum bid
/auction (option),blind auction or normal option
/auction list,to see currently running auctions
/auction bid (auction number/n.. See more

#7708 - Status: open

2 months ago by FlameTheProtogen for Global


Add new items

Just as the name says add new items like

-Instant TNT| for 30 diamonds (explodes in an instant)
-Blooddog 30 gold| (its spawns 3 dogs that will kill enimies)
- Teammate Revival| 5 emerald (when a teammate dies and the bed is destroyed the other teammate can buy it from the shop)
-New Bed|30 emeralds (It grants you a new bed to spawn with)
- Revival| 30 diamonds (it gives you buffs when .. See more

#7707 - Status: open

2 months ago by _xSoviet for Bedwars


Resource pet / chesthopper

Allow chesthopper to collect resource pet drops

#7706 - Status: open

2 months ago by MrWolfsie for Global


suggestion thingy

i would suggest to some mods modrate in survival+ they are scammers/toxic dudes ( not me 100% ) and what not.
and i would love if sur+ is a permenent server :D

#7705 - Status: open

2 months ago by SkyDecay101 for Survivalgames


Speed 3 pvp

I would enjoy there to be another /go pvp for speed 3 or have an option when you make a game to select speed prot sharp ces etc

#7704 - Status: open

2 months ago by Asplre for Pvp


Tilte: Stoney

I think the title Stoney should be added in any colours.

#7702 - Status: open

2 months ago by BigBobsSchmurdy for Titles


new /c v feature

1. pls make 2 mode for /c v, its public, and only for friend/party


2. a rentable cell that only allows /c v from its owner's party / friend

i suggested this because someone stole my 8B by enter and took the dropped money,its not for him though

#7701 - Status: open

2 months ago by FlameTheProtogen for Prison


Tierlists, value

I have tried to find a tierlist/value list of items in the server, (for example) the value of an enderchest, and i can't find any tierlists/valuelists, it would be appreciated if you made a tierlist/valuelist in the commands, discord, or website.

This would be useful for people like me who don't know the values of items yet are trying to sell items on AH.

#7700 - Status: open

2 months ago by erfe for Global



I Found that when sneaking in the prison mines sneaking and jumping under any block cause in taking damage of half a heart

#7699 - Status: open

2 months ago by ALVINDON for Prison