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Dig The Pit

I think there should be a Dig the Pit ban for any player that sabotages one. Today I got sabotaged bye another player and dropped from 2nd place to 5th place. He was hired from another player named BLACK_999 so he could win easier. This should result in a 12 hour ban from the server and a ban from Dig the Pit. Thank you and I hope this gets accepted.

#6776 - Status: open

2 hours ago by DarkGod34 for Prison



I suggest Dieu to reveal his Girl Friend so that players in the ExtremeCraft server will be happy

#6775 - Status: open

5 hours ago by xx_skeppy_xx for Global


Sumo gamemode

You should make a sumo gamemode with ranks and rewards!

#6774 - Status: open

12 hours ago by ExtremeCraft for Global


Title suggestion "ominous"

My title suggestion: &4ominous
I would really appreciate it if this title was added and I would definitely buy it.
Thank you.

#6773 - Status: open

17 hours ago by OminousLL for Titles


Vote Crates on SurvivalPlus

I think it's a big really big mistake making the crates only spawners because you know spawners can lag it right? Well yes of course it will because so many mobs...yea yea I know there's mobs that stack but except for the villager or rabbits, they spawn every time and on the first time playing that server i would say "Wow this is good" and now I would say "It's chaotic" because every.. See more

#6772 - Status: open

21 hours ago by xx_skeppy_xx for Survivalplus


kick thing is messed up

the kick is messed up i donno know how to tell it but here is a report that i made for it and read it and know about what i say

#6771 - Status: open

21 hours ago by PVPAutoClickPVP for Pvp


Quest Rewards

Remove quests which rewards money. It doesn't make sense to accept a quest which rewards 20k over one that rewards 4 keys. Quest keys even has around 34.5% chance to give out 15k or 17.25% for 25k (skyblock). Increasing the money reward would be useless since it would be broken if a server just restarted, but generally gets useless as time goes on. Therefore, I believe the best course of act.. See more

#6770 - Status: open

1 day ago by Sn for Global


Why make witch loot sellable.

Are you giving up on reducing floating item entities? Do you not envisage tps optimization nor convenience when you design the economy? How is witch loot not supposed to be sellable when while grinding 10k stacks of witches it is not uncommon to have 60-80 stacks of trash items floating around? It sounds like you take pride in making no one spawner too over powered for money making, in order fo.. See more

#6769 - Status: open

1 day ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Global


Why add [item] to donors

When donors get rekt in terms of privileges and commands, when donor rank is the gateway to start to Pay2Win, what's in the way of making it extra attractive?
How do I convince you to give [item] to donors? It seems you are serious about making your store items look attractive and give an idea of convenience to ranks rather than unfair advantage. Why would you add [item] to donor ranks? It .. See more

#6768 - Status: open

1 day ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Global


Why show void auction items when it ends

"When voidauction ends, how do I know what the winner received?". It seems some people are curious and anxious to have missed out on an opportunity for a high return or disappointed not to get the chance to see a big rip. What's the chance you could add a list of items received by the voidauction top bidder when the void auction ends? Why end it? I will like it.

#6767 - Status: open

1 day ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Global


Sumo gamemode in PVP

Sumo arenas for players in PvP. It can be good to practice combos. Also I feel like a lot of people will want to play it. Thanks for reading my suggestion. U pog <3

#6766 - Status: open

1 day ago by cnol for Pvp


New Items

Add Fireballs, Kb1 Stick For 10 Gold And Make Armor Upgrades Separately

#6765 - Status: open

1 day ago by ItzYumi for Bedwars



Nerfing mooshroom price from 40$ -> 10$ is to much. I think you should make price back to 15-20$ per 1 so mooshroom spawners would still be useful.

#6764 - Status: open

2 days ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


Adding Gunpowder to shop

Gunpowder is one of the few mobdrops that isn't in shop.. can it be added to sell?

#6763 - Status: open

2 days ago by SquabDce for Skyblock



you should add fishing rods in to /go pvp freeforall :D

#6762 - Status: open

2 days ago by harry4019 for Pvp



Could you add "Clear" option to chesthopper? I got witch spawners on skyblock and I collect only redstone from them. There is like 100-200 stacks of stuff laying around nonstop It makes everything laggy...

#6761 - Status: open

2 days ago by Skiuba_ for Global


Bug Bounty

giving bounty for finding and reporting bugs on the website.

#6760 - Status: open

2 days ago by _Darkness0 for Website



New title would be cool to see.U can unlock this title by killing 100 players in 1 month! This would be cool and fun to get!If u equip this people will know ur a god at pvp😎😎😎😎.Seriously this server needs more things theres not many changes lately and its starting to get slightly boring to play.Been playing this server for 2 months btw and just wanted to help out!

#6758 - Status: open

2 days ago by Brineisahero for Titles



T̵̞͓͎͙̝͍̝̤̙͎͌̈ȉ̶̖͈͙̦͖̱͚̙͛̀́͂͊̈́͝ͅt̷̡̨̝̞͕̝̜̱̄̏̓͘͠a̵̩̻͚̩͓̝͕̳̅͝n̶̛̪̙̗͕̰̩̺̬͇̒̈́̊̔͋̉̕̚͘͜ Would be such a cool title for players to equip.The reason why i like this is because of its font.I would like this title to be in
Any blue thanks if you are reading my suggestions and hopw you like them im trying to help the server cause i think the community deserves more love and support so here i.. See more

#6757 - Status: open

2 days ago by Brineisahero for Titles



It would be an awesome idea in my opinion to make a parkour gamemode.This is because i love parkour and pvp the thing is i have pvp in this server but not parkour ive been waiting for this gamemode to bw out for 1 month and theres still no parkour gamemode.It would be an excellent choice to add a gamemode like this in the future!Thank you! Btw this is one of the best cracked servers in my opini.. See more

#6756 - Status: open

2 days ago by Brineisahero for Global


Add Some Tnt Games

we need more minigame to this server for example tnt run bow spleef like games that would be awsome

#6755 - Status: open

2 days ago by Sathusha for Global


Title suggestion

I suggest a Fatty title

#6754 - Status: open

3 days ago by Yuvyy for Titles


Add Japanese,Korean Titles

add it xD

#6753 - Status: open

3 days ago by ItzYumi for Titles


Anti-Cheat System

I would like the Anti-Cheat system to be redone because so many players have been getting kicked from the server for "fast breaking related hacks" even though they have miner boost and eff 6 and up. This is very annoying and so many players hate this. Please fix for the purpose of the community. Thank you and have a good day.

#6752 - Status: open

4 days ago by DarkGod34 for Prison