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So skybasing in eggwars is a big problem that annoys every single player in the game theres few specific players that keep doing it every single match it just wastes everyones time, how can this be fixed? Well i think that the height limit should be reduced by alot cuz the current height limit is 256 and thats to much

#5973 - Status: open

6 hours ago by BaoDJ for Eggwars


Pls make skybase punishable with temp ban

Can you please increase the price of OpBuilder kit in eggwars and make skybasing punishable with temp ban after 2nd time skybasing,day by day there is more and more skybasers in eggwars,almost every game someone is skybasing and day by day there is less players in eggwars cuz there is no will to play when you every game need to kill at least one skybaser. Thanks in advance

#5972 - Status: open

6 hours ago by I_N_D_I_G_O for Eggwars


Baby EnderDragon Pet

In the pets selection on the store, there should me some more flying pets. I think there should be a baby enderdragon pet that is 15 euros (like the wither) or 20, and it should be able to fly. Also, It would be cool when it flew it would make enderdragon noises and flaps its wings when it flies.


#5971 - Status: open

9 hours ago by PVPINKLING for Website


Make players who got banned from a ban wave temporarily .

Some people are getting banned from a ban wave, without them hacking, alot of false bans happen because of the ban wave and that is not ok, because im banned for that reason and it is not okay. thank you.

#5970 - Status: open

10 hours ago by Jowito_is_bad for Global


ELO System Improvement (PvP)

Hello, I'd like to give a suggestion regarding the ELO system within the PvP game mode on Extreme Craft.

My suggestion~

As a high ELO player (2039), I've realized that I receive 0 ELO when winning against players that are 1400-1500 rating. I get 2 ELO from players that are 1600 and still get 2 ELO if I win against a player that are 1900 rating. I think the ELO gain should be improv.. See more

#5969 - Status: open

11 hours ago by Countryside for Pvp



[Devoted] title ty

#5968 - Status: open

17 hours ago by DevotedFellow for Titles


Weekly voucher in prison

I have a suggestion for weekly voucher in prison for Top miners, but every week will reset the total mineblocks

#5967 - Status: open

18 hours ago by xK4yn for Prison


Enable necessary commands in-game.

Commands like /nh, /pc, /f, etc should be enabled in-game, usually I keep my chat in party mode I just wanted to switch to normal but I couldn't in-game which sucks enable these kind of basic commands, even in Hide and Seek.

#5966 - Status: open

1 day ago by Cypeus for Survivalgames


Discord bannns

Can a mod hold someone accountable for what they said in a discord that isn’t extremecraft related and still be banned for it on Minecraft ? Even when if the Evidence is Taken out of Context? I’ve checked the rules and anything outside of their network they shouldn’t be able to hold you accountable right??

#5965 - Status: open

1 day ago by 6AgentHawk for Discord


Nerf Ranks on Skywars

Ranked players are given an unfair advantage on Skywars in points, kits, and chest types.

Points: For every win, ranked players are given 20 points while unranked players are given 10. Similarly, for every kill, ranked players recieve 4 points while unranked players recieve 2. This has led to an extremely unequal competition for getting on the leaderboard, as an unranked player with the same.. See more

#5964 - Status: open

1 day ago by CloudSly for Skywars


unban all

unban all pls

#5963 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 day ago by lilclapper for Global



Targeting: Following a player from match to match, not allowing them to join a game without you in it.

I believe that targeting form ranked players to unranked players is unfair unranked players are at an extreme disadvantage in combat when it comes to ranked players. In a usual scenario when a ranked player joins the same game as an unranked player, the unranked player has the option to leav.. See more

#5962 - Status: open

1 day ago by CloudSly for Skywars


New title

A new title should be [NightFury]

#5961 - Status: open

1 day ago by TheEvilAngel_ for Titles


Nxds Dms

make nxds enable his dms so we can actually ask him stuff

#5960 - Status: open

1 day ago by zZiu for Discord



Adding more options for decoration by enabling world edit for most blocks in the decoration category in the creative inventory, like the flowers, and double flowers, for the purpose of being able to make for example double stacked sunflowers to make it look like vines, or make trees out of flowers for fancier coloring etc..

#5959 - Status: open

1 day ago by zZiu for Creative


Add Combat to creative

Many people play creative to pvp, some of them like to pvp sometimes too so please add combat to pvp because when we are fighting or even mid fight ppl just /p h and we be very angry it's like a game to waste time in not play please add combat to creative

#5958 - Status: open

1 day ago by Chicke_n for Creative


Ban appeal

Welp since I'm banned and have made a ban appeal,I should point out the problem with the current ban appealing style.
The things staff members have already put is already something that'll work.However,cheaters can simply lie and just say something like "I'm sorry I promise my life I'll never cheat again",and most of the time,staff will accept the appeal.I am not saying that sta.. See more

#5956 - Status: open

1 day ago by SR_Squinky for Website



Make opfactions just custom enchants and not prot 10 sharp 10 knockback 9 make p4/p5/p6 and make opsets rarer so you can have the fun to make your own sets

#5955 - Status: open

1 day ago by TheRealGary for Opfactions


Muting CTA notifications

We should be able to mute CTA/KOTH notifications the same way we can mute voteparties/coinflips.

Chat being flooded with cta messages gets really annoying at times.

#5954 - Status: open

2 days ago by Choomah69 for Global


A command to turn players into mobs /dis

I want this command to make factions fun.

#5953 - Status: open

2 days ago by DarylDiasT66 for Factions



Make the targeting of unranked players by ranked players an offense.

#5952 - Status: open

2 days ago by CloudSly for Skywars


Spawners and lava

Hey, spawners shouldn’t burn from falling in lava when raiding or just in general because the chances of you getting them are already low, so please add some plugin to disable that.

#5951 - Status: open

2 days ago by AlbanianThief for Factions



You should add a 20v20 on /go pvp so they can Training for TeamFight!

#5949 - Status: open

2 days ago by Nxzukoo for Pvp


command shortening

This is just a small one, /vp instead of /voteparty so its easier to type out.

#5948 - Status: open

2 days ago by Choomah69 for Global


New Title

Add A Title Called 'John Wick'

#5947 - Status: open

2 days ago by LovelyOrchids000 for Titles