Faction getting boring

There is no point of grinding mcmmo in factions and there should be added stuff to grind, like fishing for spawners and keys, mining for stuff, woodcutting for money and alot more.Faction became monotonous and people only grind cact first week and afk after because there is nothing to do. There should be smth fun to do so people stay. People just p2w and afk, and new players cannon compete with .. See more

#7742 - Status: open

1 month ago by UrosV for Global


There should be added gapps from hero to nexus kits.

#5729 - Status: rejected

10 months ago by UrosV for Global

Spawners per chunk

There should be added 150 or more spawners per chunk.

#5688 - Status: rejected

11 months ago by UrosV for Factions