we would love to have a Berd title beause berd is love berd is life

all hail berd

#4746 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Tenares for Titles

opening crates

make opweapon, oparmor, redstonekit and potionkit from votecrate come as a book kit directly instead of filling the whole inventory since potion and redstone kits are not always something you want so throwing a book instead of multiple items is more easier, and easier to sell a book than items per item

#4010 - Status: accepted

2 years ago by Tenares for Opsurvival

new titles

Hexxus (the bad guy from the kids movie ferngully) and Cookie are two titles i would like to see in the store to be purchasable

#3742 - Status: closed

2 years ago by Tenares for Opsurvival

chat rule

english only in chat and other languages in /w or party chat very annoying to see 70% of the chat in a none-understandable text kind of

#3486 - Status: closed

3 years ago by Tenares for Global