Please fix DigThePit

The game is getting incredably easy for hackers. Its so easy to download a hack client or just x-ray and find all the TNT you need to win with unfair advantage. Please bring back the DTP how it was before all the changes in April or May( i dont remember exactly)! If you think that leaving hackers to do whatever they want is a very good idea, OK, but that is unacceptable... Please fix this so hac.. See more

#8925 - Status: closed

1 month ago by Marto_BG_ for Prison

DTP is bad now (my opinion)

I think you should remove tnts :D. I mean... i dont know why are allways like 2 people that at the start of the game find like 4 or 5 tnts and the other players 0. Im expecting x-ray cause i dont know what else it could be considering that me and the most players dont find any tnts the whole time(tnts are pretty rare now so it makes no sense for those 2 players to find so many tnts like burst. S.. See more

#8423 - Status: closed

6 months ago by Marto_BG_ for Prison

About my last suggestion for mining reward

In my last suggestion i said that it would be good to add rewards for the top miners of the week. But im sorry that i wasnt exact for the rewards, but i wanted to suggest like some pickaxe or keys or something else as a prize for the top miners. I didnt mean vouchers cause i know it would be too easy just mining all week to get first place. Thanks for your attention! :)

#8281 - Status: open

7 months ago by Marto_BG_ for Prison

DTP is no longer Digthepit

Now after the update you can just run around the map and find tnts. Its RunThePit. Its not a skill game anymore, just luck. Without the thing that nobody can take someone elses tnts its broken. Please reconsider the update!

#8279 - Status: accepted

7 months ago by Marto_BG_ for Global

A reward for the top miners of the week

Hello! I have a suggestion. I think that there are not much people to really mine in prison, while mining is the main thing to do in the gamemode. So i suggest a reward for the top miners of the week so more people will have motivation to mine and actualy play the gamemode how its ment to be played, by mining. And it would be more fun knowing that you could get a reward for all the work you have.. See more

#8208 - Status: rejected

8 months ago by Marto_BG_ for Prison