(Un)Ban all!

Unban all ppl that are banned its not hard and ppl want it so do it 2nd time to make ur shit server alive again!!!!unban all

#6952 - Status: rejected

10 months ago by kolikosamstar for Global

45 wall

The 45 wall is raidable,in fact pretty easily and they should not be banned just because some bad raiders dont have enough skill to raid it,you do need to add things to a cannon,and im saying to all of you its possible with a 4sec cannon too just have to turn your brain on so please do not listen to not open minded bad raiders ty ps:Pizza

#6350 - Status: rejected

1 year ago by kolikosamstar for Factions

/fire,/lever and tick counter

I spend so much time on cannoning and I think it /fire,/lever will make testing cannons much easier and also would like an object that counts ticks for you/tick counter like blaze rod or something like that

#5118 - Status: shortlisted

1 year ago by kolikosamstar for Cannoning