New surplus kit

turtle/ocean kit has water speed enchant on boots and unb3 enchants on leggings and chestplate and a turtle helmet with unb3 thanks. I don't think it should have any weapon but a trident with loyalty and unb3, of course, its an advanced rank kit like nexus or extreme and thanks.

#6495 - Status: rejected

1 year ago by Hamza77k for Rpg

/is rank

add ranks to the skyblock like factions and opfactions while you give access to more stuff
and the most suggested rank for me is co-leader or admin and officer
and like this and I wish I helped :D please do it before the reset because it will tale time

looking for promoting after I am a jrhelper

#3826 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Hamza77k for Skyblock


Add a spectate command for global server hero+ rank this will help people I wish this helps :D
And that's it !!

#3789 - Status: closed

2 years ago by Hamza77k for Global