Cannoning Jar

This suggestion is not coming from me but from all of ExtremeCraft's factions playerbase. We would love to see an update to the cannoning jar since force raiding is nearly impossible and server does not handle cannons too well, which leads to them constantly blowing up due to tps (tick per second) dropping crazily after first couple of shots. Raiding is nearly impossible with the current sit.. See more

#7478 - Status: closed

3 months ago by Gabbb for Factions

Loan Scams.

It would be nice if loan scammers would get punished or at least talked with by staff since loans became so popular in prison. Loaning someone to then find out you lost your money is not nice. Thank you.

#4430 - Status: accepted

1 year ago by Gabbb for Prison

Adding a new Title.

I would love to see the title “Eternal” being added, thanks!

#4279 - Status: accepted

1 year ago by Gabbb for Titles