Make cross teamming bannable at teams

I dont know alot of things about that but i have heard before a long time ago that cross teaming at teams its allowed. Well its normal at teams someone has a teamer but you cant team with anyone you want only with members of your team. I dont know if there is a rule about that but if there isnt i think will be very good to make a rule for jail people when cross teaming even at teams

#6127 - Status: closed

1 year ago by EmperorOfBananas for Bedwars

Hello its about one glitch that is here for a long time maybe you know that like <<Invisible blocks >>. I want to express those probles that glitch can made

Well a lot of times someone throw an item that build a bridge blocks are invisible. What is the problem with that ?? People isnt able to jumb, sometimes stuck at invisible blocks or fall slowlly at the void. Sometimes it looks like hacks if you imagine someone walking at invisible blocks :/ . Well that glitch was annoying and still annoying but the difference between then and now is people start.. See more

#6061 - Status: rejected

1 year ago by EmperorOfBananas for Bedwars

Its important to be some big changes about kits and teams

First of all teams need to has limit like teams of 2 and not more. About kits the most of them are rediculous op like warrior and hulk.. Every kit need to be nerfed because isnt funny someone killing you with only 1-2 hits whatever armor you got :( . I know server needs to take money from somewhere but with this way server losing people for example someone with kits when they are mad start to ta.. See more

#5931 - Status: open

1 year ago by EmperorOfBananas for Survivalgames