So like what everyone know, lots of players are complaining about the op kits in skywars and these kits are used as a thing to win easily and to kill all the players in 30 second at maximum, and i also know that lot of player pay their money to get the ability to use these kits so what i'm saying is not to delete these kits but i want them to be removed at least for two days per week like on.. See more

#6492 - Status: open

1 month ago by Xx_ItSyOuDie_xX for Skywars

Skywars should have teams

Everyone says that skywars need duos For me it will be the best thing ever because many players make teams and they get banned so I'm asking the builder team to add new maps which they can hold like 16 players "8teams or 4teams"
And I really wish that op kits won't be avaibel in them because if to players have nexus rank they will kill every body like in 3 seconds . So I hope u like .. See more

#6200 - Status: open

2 months ago by Xx_ItSyOuDie_xX for Skywars