Filter command for donators

Right now if i put it so i filter diamond swords ( not enchanted ) and then drop an enchanted opsword on myself it wont let me pick it up can you make it so that you can filter out an item no matter what it has on it so that i can pick it up. This will make pvping a lot easier as you do not need to waste time picking up the good stuff.

#5508 - Status: rejected

1 month ago by Megastone10101 for Opfactions

Rules List

Please expand on the given rules that are put because there are only the general ones which go to all servers. Be more specific in what you do not allow because ive been told you can open a door ( not in your claim and hit the person ) but you can't do it through a block which either way is counted as a glitch it is just very unclear.

#5507 - Status: open

1 month ago by Megastone10101 for Opfactions