Keeping safe: Words of wisdom

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I'm old, a lot older than most of you. I've spent a lot of time playing MMO's, especially the kind where piracy is rampant. There are many games out there that allow things like scamming, piracy, and overall debauchery. One game in particular that lent me some inisight into human nature is a game called EVE Online. You probably have heard of it. Coming from my own experiences here are some things that I hope many of you will read and take to heart, and keep yourself safer on the server.

Many things like scamming, TP killing, and other such "piracy" type activities are illegal/bannable on this server, however they are very difficult to prove. So ultimately it is up to you to make wise choices in who you deal with, when, and where.

- The shop location is the safest place on any server. Do not make a trade with someone unless you are in a guaranteed PVP free zone.

- Do not accept random TPA's from people you don't know. Even if you do know the person, unless they are on your team, be very cautious in TPA to a random location. Store your valuable items such as weapons and armour into chests before you TPA. You can always use the /back command to get back to your items if you deem it safe and then /back again to get to the area you were just at.

- Be very familiar with the borders of your claim/home/island/whatever/etc. People will try to lure you that one block further than your borders and then try to initiate PVP.

- In RPG or anywhere you can set claims, be sure to set your claim at least 3 blocks further than the walls of your structure. People can grief you buy building around your claim, essentially blocking you in

- In RPG or any server where you can set a claim, even though you can't be killed within your claim, your animals can be killed. It's a good idea to put fencing all around your animals and even cover them with fences

- If you live in a castle or some sort of enclosed area, be sure to put blast doors everywhere. If you show someone your build and you are excited for people to see it, if they are donor+ rank they have the choice of setting a home location at your home and later griefing you. Do not allow people into your areas of high value, such as crafting areas, chest areas, enchanting areas, farming areas and so forth. Be vary wary of allowing people to go freely anywhere in your base.

- If you live with other people it may be a good idea to ask an MVP+ rank person to put lockette signs on your chests. Don't trust anyone to not meddle with your items. Not even your own mother. If you are lucky you will find a nice MVP+ rank that will put signs on your chest for free but it's worth even a modest sum to have someone perform this service.

- Never trade with someone by throwing your items on the ground and hoping they will pay you after. Always use the trade window to make trades if you are selling an item, unless you can afford the loss.

- Just be very wary of people in general. Always have a chip on your shoulder to people who you even consider friends. Anyone and I mean * any * one * can stab you in the back. I've seen this many times in my gaming experiences. Be cautious, but not rude. Keep your things to yourself but be willing to lend a hand. Just be smart about it. Keep yourself safe, and when that person TP Kills you and you know you were wronged, you still lost nothing (well maybe a little XP). It's very difficult to prove anything in this game so like I said, it's up to you to mind your own safety


- The party chat is a great way of securing your communications while lessening the burden of using the /msg system. Anyone can start a new party and it greatly enhances your security. To start type "/party help" for a list of commands. Once your party is set up, type "/p" and press enter, then chat normally to have all your text entered into party chat. To invite people to your party type "/party invite [playername]". This sends a "player invited to party" message through your chat, and sends the respective member an invitation to party. They can type "/party invite accept" to join your party. There are many more cool features of the party system such as XP and income sharing but this should get you started.
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Great post!

Every player should read it, learn this tips and follow them since they are super usefull to play a safe game, with no problems.

^^ gj Aven_Valkyr

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Making it a sticky, very helpful for new members.
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Nice I didn't know about the party chat
I want to add that people could kill you inside their claims for example by using a bucket of lava and dropping lava on the block beside you or using flint and steel to fire up blocks around you, and in this case I suggest you just do /afk and if you do afk you can't be hurt by anything! not lava not anything even if he does /abandonclaim and tries to attack you He wouldn't be able to because you're afk! so you'll be safe :)
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Aven is a wise man, thanks for this amazing post! :D
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Thanks everyone! I didn't think this would make sticky!
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Good one aven very intelligently powerful ;)
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very good post
worth becoming a Sticky! :D
your doing a favor to lots of people , it even reminded me some stuff xD
good job

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I learned a lot :D

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Nice! Like the 10 Commandments of Extremecraft :p
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