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we need a forum to anarchy , anarchy have a custom made spawn and safe areas why not a forum page?
i found a ender portal with all eyes of ender in place but the portal was broken ,if all end portals are broken (not saying they are )how do i go to the end?and if players have there bases on the end and all portals are broken they cant be raid.
if this is anarchy why i am getting censored for saying d*** head?
we cant use normal minecraft bugs to buuild tnt dup machines, anarchy with no tnt is not fun and getting gunpowder is so slow ,
if this is anarchy why we can lockup chests with sings?

can we make anarchy more anarchy or can we just call this survival with no claims and add end portal at spawn and /sell ,/shop .....with /shop we can buy tnt

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Sure I may accept the ideas of Anarchy's forums, inability to lock chests up (as if this server was 2B2T-esque), but not most of the Ideas you suggested are, in my opinion, destructive to Anarchy. Seeing the Ender Portal being broken is because of reasons (possibly to prevent people from mining the already limited End Stone and decorating their bases with it). Saying a swearword is more than likely censored in every server if you disabled /tcf (sometimes the swear merges with a benign word, resulting in "pain in themlady" or something like that). Bugs are also illegal in every gamemode in the Extremecraft Network. TNT can sometimes be fast if one has Looting and/or 5 or so Creepers. And lastly, the Signs can lock up chests if one paid for MVP.

You're supposed to make a suggestion here:

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