Explosive Snowballs are kinda OP.

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Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:22 pm

The explosive snowballs are seriously overpowered. If you witness an enemy with one, you better run. It can push you off the edge of a bridge you're attempting to build, and if the enemy hits you directly with one, you're screwed in close combat. 2 unfairly advantageous methods from 1 item that costs 15 iron ingots... Sure, you can't buy that whole lot at start, but mid-game, you really can't run away from it if someone has it. You're busted.

The damage it inflicts is also ridiculous. 1 splash-damage snowball and 1 successfully hit snowball on the enemy can kill you if you have normal leather armor. Sure, it costs 30 iron ingots, but after that? you have a really low chance of succeeding.

I would really like if we could maybe decrease the damage inflicted by this magical snowball that is probably way much worth it than a normal bow that costs 12 emeralds and a pack of arrows that each 8 would cost 32 freaking bricks, or maybe increase the price. :expressionless:

Edit: aand apparently you can even kill a diamond leggings + boots with 2 direct hits... 30 iron ingots. Amazing!
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...And if you disagree with me you're a nazi.


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No they are fine. Whats really unbalanced
is forcefield.

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Both are op. Or im just bad at bedwars. (forcefields are worse tho)

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