The Rank A Plan

You're a prisoner and you'll have to mine your way out of the prison.
Use the XP boosters and special tools to rank up faster.
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Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:22 pm

Many new players struggle. Yes, they get the [StarterKit] items when they start. However, you can't get to Mine B with just the [StarterKit] Pickaxe. And yes, the kit pickaxe exists. However, for those who want to level up fast, it is a struggle. After a bit, food also becomes a problem as their supply of pumpkin pie dwindles. We can help them with this.

I started out on the Old Prison, a long long time ago, so I knew what to do. I gave away PVP equipment and diamond tools for free back then. When I started over, I knew what to do because I'd done it for a while. Prison's newest players don't have that luxury. Every day, I go to Spawn and Mine A and hand out bread and iron pickaxes to the new players. I don't expect to get money or items in return. This act not only helps them along, it shows them that the community here is welcoming, which I think is important.

I give these players 'The Rank A Package' which consists of 1 iron pickaxe and 8 bread. Don't worry, if you are of a higher rank, ask me for it if I'm online and I'll give it to you :)

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Go into Mine A or Spawn. Give Rank A players the Rank A Package(or something else if you want). Simple as that.

So, what are you wating for? Go out there and make a difference :)
Hi there! I play on Prison and Creative. I am the creator of the Rank A Plan, and have helped more than 20 new players so far. Pm me to trade Prison Vote Keys for my Vote Keys on other servers :)

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