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SurvivalGames gamemode challenges each player to survive as long as he can among his foes, loot chests and gain advantages on others!
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Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:23 pm

So alot of people in the survival games community accuse me of hacking, and ive this before. but it was potato, so im making a new one, that also has some pvp tips.

1. the best way to pvp, is having more than one pvp style, circle strafing is good, but if your opponent is using the A-D tap, your in trouble, so its good to have a way to counter another pvp style with your own ( and master it ofc )

2. Tryharding. tryharding is basically going all out, its pretty self explanatory, things like using a fishing rod to your advantage, or using flint and steel ( which does nothing ) or bow spamming, which in my opinion is a good thing to do when backed into a corner

3. my main pvp tactic is the A-D strafe. im pretty good at it, but my weakness is fighting people that W-Tap, which i have a hard time getting through, so i've been trying to figure out how to w-tap myself, but its hard, so please leave comments on how to get through w tapping...

4. Dont Be An pink Hole i know everyone has wanted to explore that side of themself where they want to be all " oh so ez " or " your so bad kid " all that does is make yourself look like an even worse pvper than you most likely are. and you can tell that the person you fought and killed wasnt "ez" because you had to say "ez" to show that you killed that person, which shows you want recognition for something that was hard to do.

im making this post because i've come really far as a pvper, i visit alot of servers and pvp, im normally the best, but theirs always that one guy that is way better, and thats where the salt kicks in ^_* i get salty really fast, mostly in this scenario - "oh, XxNotoriousPvPxX i killed you so ez lol your so bad" when i was killed with either half health, or while the enemy had an advantage

pvp is super competitive, its not for everyone, but for those that enjoy it, i hope this helped!

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Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:24 pm

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Version 2 ; wtf?
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Basic stuff .
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