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You must be registered (and active player) for at least 30 days before you can apply for builder!

All behavioural rules defined for staff applicants apply for builder applicants as well

- The applicant must not have a history of disciplinary problems, bad behavior, rule violations and/or abuse. (If the applicant has shown improvement in his behavior he will be considered.)
- The applicant must not ask the staff about his application (we will get back to your as soon as possible).
- Denied applicant must wait for at least 30 days (since the day it was rejected) before submitting new staff application.
- Application must be submitted using this forum (applications submitted via E-Mail, Skype, Private Messages, ... will not be accepted).
- Minimum age to make an application will be 13
- Players who are looking forward to be a part of Extremecraft Builder team, must have a discord account on which they should to be active too.

Tips for your application
- Do not copy applications. Applications that have been copied will be instantly rejected.
- Plagiarised / copied / stolen maps that were used to provide example of your work, will result in instant rejection as well
- Use proper grammar and the correct spelling of words. The use of shortcuts shows you are not serious about this and will not be taken seriously as a result.
- Give it a nice look! Making your application look a little better shows you've put some thought into it and you are really trying for it.
- Give a little additional information about you, don't be afraid to elaborate.

Here is the Application format we'd like you to follow in order for your application to be considered - Copy, Paste the format and answer it accordingly. Inappropriate or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Staff Application Format:

Title of the application - [Your Name]’s Builder Application



Where are you from:

Your Timezone (GMT):

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

What languages do you speak:

When did you start playing Minecraft:

How long does your building experience extend?

Do you have a specific style of building (medieval, elven, modern, etc.) If yes, what is it?

How many hours can you contribute each day and which days:

Below provide the screenshots or videos of your previous creations

Any additional informational you'd like to add:

Declaration by the candidate:
I hereby declare that all the particulars stated in the application are true to the best of my knowledge, and belief. I have read the admission procedure from the above post, and I shall abide by the terms, and conditions therein. In event of suppression or distortion of any information provided in my application form, I understand that my admission is liable to be canceled. I also understand that the decision regarding my application will be final, and I shall abide by their decision. Further, if admitted, I promise to abide by the rules, and regulations as applicable during the course of my staff duration.
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