Allowed and disallowed client modifications

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The list of allowed client modifications is subject to change at any given time. If you don't see a mod on the list but would like to know if it is allowed, contact staff member.

If a modification has been updated since it was listed here to include new or changed features, it may now no longer be allowed. Please remember that all use of modifications, including the ones listed here, is done at your own risk. If you're caught using/having a prohibited mod, you will get banned, even if you didn't know if it was prohibited or not.

Allowed client modifications:
- Optifine (allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures)
- Armor Status, Directional Huds, and Status Effect (5-Zig, bspkrs, ...), but only if they show your own status
- Damage Indicators, indicators that show the health of other players (BetterPVP, ...)
- Chat Mods (TabbyChat, Chat Companion, ...)
- Minimaps
- Shaders
- Forge and LiteLoader (as long as all mods are allowed)
- Schematica (only buildings visualization/preview)

Disallowed client modifications:
- LabyMod (only versions lower than 2.6, if you are on 2.6 or higher you're good to go)
- World Downloader
- Free-Cam
- Macros
- X-Ray
- Tracers
- Replay Mod
- SkinFlicker/Blinking Skin
- Anti-AFK
- Autoclickers
- Hardware modifications (special mouses, etc)
- Damage indicators or mods that show invisible players or their location
- Packet manipulation (knockback edits, reach edits, etc)
- Printer/Autobuilding mods (mods that place blocks automatically for you)

All modifications which provide a significant in-game advantage to players are disallowed. Modifications which alter the way that your client sends data to the server are also strictly disallowed. Generally allowed mods are client performance improvement modifications, aesthetic modifications, HUD modifications, brightness and gamma adjustment modifications and MiniMaps.

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