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Here's a small mid-july updates post just for you reading right now.
inb4 tl;dr if you don't care don't read :weary:

From a suggestion of yours we decided to give this role a try.
We already have a Discord Event Manager, no you can't apply for this position.

What is this role for?
It's a staff member that will be in charge of organizing several events on our Discord (https://discord.gg/bhZKakC), things such as movie night, karaokes, games and much more. I hope.

This is a test, we'll see how it goes but we hope it's going to bring the Discord community together for some fun times :ok_hand:

I noticed the excessive lack of members in the staff team and the slowness of staff when handling applications and ban appeals so we applied few changes.
The process to become staff is now a lot quicker and we have more mods assigned to the ban appeals section so that will be faster as well :+1:

All your applications will be handled shortly, be patient just a few more days while we process all the stacked apps.
If you feel like applying for a staff position we're always open to new staff, apply here: https://www.extremecraft.net/applications.php

It's been requested quite a lot so we just increased by 4-5 times the size of all the mines that were affected by overpopulation issues.

We also added the Dig The Pit event that will allow you to win the Miner Key, vote for the event start with /dtp vote (Nexus votes are worth double ;) )

We accepted one of your suggestions and added a huge load of flags to creative that you can abuse on your plots, have fun.
[+] Click to show the list of new flags
  • animal-attack
  • animal-interact
  • block-burn
  • block-ignition
  • fly
  • forcefield
  • hanging-break
  • hanging-interact
  • hanging-place
  • hostile-attack
  • ice-form
  • ice-melt
  • instabreak
  • invincible
  • misc-break
  • misc-interact
  • misc-place
  • mob-break
  • mob-place
  • notify-enter
  • sleep
  • snow-form
  • snow-melt
  • soil-dry
  • tamed-attack
  • tamed-interact
  • titles
  • vehicle-break
  • vehicle-use
  • vehicle-interact
  • villager-interact
  • break
We're also working finally on BedWars again, we will bring several improvements suggested by the community and we'll fix several issues that affected the server since the start.

Some of the changes will be including improved maps with bigger islands and fewer decorations that get in the way in PvP.
Generators will also be improved, the prices in general will be more balanced, the gear in shop will receive some redesign as well as the waiting lobby and the join system and much more :kappa:

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Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:15 pm

I like it :)

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Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:15 pm



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Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:17 pm

wOaHHH rising again

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Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:21 pm

SICK! but when is skyblock reset

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SICK! but when is skyblock reset

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Thats great, Im looking forward to all the changes especially bedwars.

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Finally they took care about it
Good Job :+1:

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Stefancyz wrote:
Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:15 pm

You're actually second 🤡🤡🤡

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An Active Admin Always gets many Thanks of players! one "Thanks" submitted from me. good luck.

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