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KIT-PVP IDEAS What is Kit-PvP ?

Kit PVP is a server variation that specializes mainly in PVP (Player vs Player). The players must choose from a pre-set category of kits, each with their own unique items. They use these kits to fight against each other, often earning points and reputation.

People will spawn on a small island or /spawn. They will use the command /kit to choose from 8 different kits with different abilities. Each kit will have a specific cooldown time period. Players can use the kits to jump from their islands to the PvP arena and fight there. They can team with other players and defeat other players. They will also be provided with an enderchest to store their items they get from killing players in game.

/Warp Shop

Players will be able to do /warp shop and will be able to items from the shop like Diamonds , sticks , EXP , Golden Apples , Potions etc. They can use these items to craft a GOD set for themselves. The shop will contain enchanting tables as well as anvils for the whole server. The players will also be able to repair their armor by right clicking a sign.

Auction House , /withdraw and /Trade

Players will be able to access the auction house by typing /ah and will be able to sell their items to other players. To avoid scamming players will get the command to /withdraw and /trade. They will be able to trade easily with these commands without getting scammed.

Rewards and Achievements

Players will be awarded with 25 EXP and 25 Coins for each kill in the PvP arena. They can use the coins to buy diamonds etc. from shops or Kits from Donors. They can use the EXP to enchant and to use the anvil. Players will also receive some cool kits when they reach several level. Example : Kit Donor will be given when a person reaches level 50 and so on. Players can also vote for the server through the voting links and will be rewarded with diamonds and EXP.


There will be 3 types of crates :-
1. Voting Crate
2. Event Crate
3. Ultimate Crate

As you can guess by the names Voting crate keys can be achieved by voting for the server , event keys will be rewarded when a person participates in an event and Ultimate Key can be purchased from the shop for real money.

Donor Perks

Donators will be able to get some cool perks. Those perks can be :-

1. Special Kits
2. Double Voting Reward
3. Custom Nametag
4. Access to /nick
5. Access to /rename
6. Access to /fly in spawn.
7. Access to /pv's. (Amount not decided yet.)
8. Access to /ignore players.
9. Access to create Clans.

Leaderboards , /Baltop and /Stats

To make the gamemode more competitive we will be able to see the Most kills leaderboard and will be able to use /baltop command to see the richest player on kit-pvp. Players will be able to view each others stats by typing /stat Playername.


/Bounty is a feature that will allow players to set a bounty on other players. The player who kills a person carrying the bounty will be rewarded with the coins. Players can set bounty buy doing /bounty set (Coins) (PlayerName).

King of the Hill

KOTHs can be added , players will need to capture the KOTH to claim some amazing rewards like kits , coins , EXP , Boosters etc.


Donors or players (not decided yet) will be able to create a clan which can have maximum of 6 players. The clan members can grind hard and make the clan level go up to earn more benefits like 1.25 EXP when the clan reaches level 3 etc.


These are risky games played to earn coins. The games can be /coinflip /lottery /RPS etc.

Note : I have already made a suggestion here : but I made this public thread to get more feedback and update the gamemode idea as I think ExtremeCraft can attract more and more players through this gamemode.

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Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:06 pm

sounds cool +1

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I think its a great idea

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Good idea... Be sure to suggest it

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Doilt wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:10 pm
Good idea... Be sure to suggest it
Suggested :D

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I already suggested kitpvp, I hope it will get added soon :+1:

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__ wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:43 pm
I already suggested kitpvp, I hope it will get added soon :+1:
Yup :)

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