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Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:28 am

Hey Everyone My name is Scentpai_Z1 and this is my Staff Application

BlueScentFire. AKA Scentpai_Z1 as of few days back/was known as AlunaScp


Where are you from:
Indonesia (GMT + 7)

What languages do you speak:
English, Melayu, and Indonesia.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
My name is Aluna. Some people know me already. So, Firstly I still remember my first day on this server, I'm no one. Just a normal player, noob, and no Experience. but after I found this server, this server changed me A lot. Firstly, with my English. My English was super bad back then if you don't believe me, check this application = it was to be my first application. Second, with my Building, Redstone and PvP skill. I used to be a noob before I met extreme craft. if you ask me WHY, because Extremecraft is the first server I had ever joined I can't even make password xD. After several Weeks, I found a lot of nice people here. I love to play games but I'm always playing offline games. I rarely to play International Multiplayer games. So I don't get friends from the internet. Since I bought Minecraft (but still cracked with CD - ROM) for 1$ (in USD) my Minecraft journey began. After 2 years I realized I can join multiplayer. but I don't know how! After searching on google and I found this server (ExtremeCraft) which is 120/1000 population. my first account name is Hamdhi but that name is ugly so I changed it to Scentpai. I meet a lot of Awesome friends. For example, AstralDragon, WiseDevil, Omar_Mohammed and a lot of people I can't include in my application. And I get promoted to JrHelper which made me very happy, but now I have to start everything from to beginning. Survival reset changed me a lot. I lost my Skyblock island, AcidIsland reset, Faction reset. and a lot of my old friends either left/got banned. I think that's all. I think I over tell my story.

How many hours can you contribute each day and which days:
I'm not really sure about this. but
WeekDays = 2 - 4 Hours
WeekEnd = 3 - 4 Hours

How would you rate your behaviour in chat, and why (1 being bad, to 10 being flawless):
I'd like to rate myself with 10. I'm not a curser nor a Caps lover. and i remember, I use a curse words 2 month ago. so i rate myself with 10. I know. Sometimes I being aggressive on forum. But I'm really really sorry. I will try my best no to repeat that again

Any previous experience with any kind of moderation:
Ex-Staff for 5 Months+ on ExtremeCraft, Head-Admin in my friend server and Head-Mod on a Small Server which is taken down by the owner.

What has motivated you to apply for a staff position on ExtremeCraft:
To be honest, i cant answer this one. I don't know what have gotten into my mind but, i want to Re-Apply over and over. even though i got rejected. But, the answer is : ExtremeCraft is my Favorite server. i can't believe i've been playing in this server more than a year! this already prove i love this server! i never use hacks, Active in Forum and in Game. it's really really really prove that i love this server.

Why should we choose you to become a JrHelper:
First of all, i'm an Ex-Staff here, and i'm an Old player here. So, i know perfectly ExtremeCraft look like. I know how the staff power works. And I never abuse that. I believe the person should never abuse the power they have.

In what ways could you positively contribute to the community:
First of all Of course moderate the chat. In this part, all we have to do is muting the spammer, the vulgar person, and the caps lover. Stop the flame war! Connecting with people as a staff member is a good thing to do build connections and make friends. never take a side. in an argument, there is one right and the one wrong. even the wrong is our friend, we have to prove that he was wrong. with a nice reason and logic reason. Right is right. Wrong is Wrong.

Do you agree to help any and all players who request your assistance, even if you are not accepted? Explain why this is important:
Since August 2016 i'm very quite in-game i think nobody realize me. so i help people and staff member by Reporting a player, And, I'm very active on OpSkyblock. Cloud seems like the only staff who very active on OpSkyblock. i remember when a lot of people asking him for a question, spammer or acusser. And also when i still Staff on this server, i moderate SkyBlock. so i know a lot about Skyblock. And from all I can see, OpSkyblock has so many Indonesian. they can't speak english. and sometimes they cursing with my language. even someone from my country say this "Scent, please re-apply. a lot of new member need you" Catching a Hacker! everyone always gets annoyed by hackers! I want to make this server clean without a hacker. by a teamwork with other staff members. I shall record if I find one, telling to Senior staff. To me, a hacker has no difference with a loser. I've been playing on this server for 1 year. but I never use hacks, hacks never help you to become a pro. Hacks just make you lamer and lamer. We have to train ours naturally.

Any additional informational you'd like to add:
I'm sorry for everything I have just done on this server, for being aggressive, savage, and naughty. Especially for the server staff. I'm sorry for my immature, aggressive behavior. And for Vishnu/Shiptur/Quickalex, i know I you made disappointed in me. Because I can't become a great role model for ExtremeCraft community. But this time is different. I don't want to be a same as old me.

Declaration by the candidate:
I hereby declare that all the particulars stated in the application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have read the admission procedure from the above post and I shall abide by the terms and conditions therein. In event of suppression or distortion of any information provided in my application form, I understand that my admission to the staff team is liable to be canceled. I also understand that the decision of the authorities regarding my application will be final and I shall abide by their decision. Further, if admitted, I promise to abide by the rules and regulations as applicable during the course of my staff duration.

That's All! Thank you for reading my application.

Best Regards,

P.S I know I have some spelling and grammar mistakes. But my skill, acknowledge and experience can cover them


Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:14 pm

GoodLuck <3


Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:31 pm

Applicant & Application awesome

Good luck!


Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:14 pm

Good luck, Cool application!

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:21 pm

Good Luck.

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:56 pm

Good luck mate!


Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:08 pm

Nice application
Good luck!


Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:47 pm

Good luck :D

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Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:09 pm

Lacking info
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jk (about lacking info). Good Luck!

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Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:13 pm

Insufficent fluency in English and you copied this application. Just to make this clear.

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