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Experience a Faction server with all the handy additions of our OP servers with quests, custom enchants, wall generators, fly in own territory and much more
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Here's a complete guide to OPFactions with all the additions and OP stuff that you need to know!

Wall generators
Don't waste time placing blocks to build huge walls, just shift and place a lava bucket on the side of a block and it will start generating cobblestone, you can build a whole faction perimeter within seconds.

Who doesn't hate having to fill tons of dispensers with TNT manually... Well now you can just stand nearby a bunch of dispensers, have some TNT in your inventory and /dfill and you will automatically fill all the dispensers nearby.

Spawners have been replaced by item spawners, instead of spawning a mob they will spawn the mob drop directly.
You can change this behavior by placing a diamond block below the spawner block, it will start spawning mobs again.

If you place multiple spawners next to each other they'll stack together up to 10, to place them regularly you just need to shift and place.
You can shift and right click on a spawner to know how many stacked spawners are there.

You can now fly in your own faction territories. The requirements are 200 power level and 10 millions in factions balance.
Fly mode is toggleable with /f fly

Be aware, flying outside your faction territory is not allowed! Fly mode will be disabled and you will fall on the ground.

Custom Enchantments
Use the NPC at /warp enchant to get custom enchantment books.
To apply an enchantment just click on the item you want to enchant with the enchantment book.


For a complete guide regarding Custom Enchantments click here.

Be aware, the NPC will cost you 20 xp levels and $10,000, There is also a chance to fail, when the NPC will fail you will get a random regular enchantment book instead of a custom enchanted one.

Variable Economy
The economy will now change automatically, the prices will be based on the amount and on the type of the sold and bought items in the shop.
If a lot of people start selling iron the iron price will drop and the price of some other item will increase, if a lot of people start buying iron its sell and buy price will increase.

It's a bit more complex than this, just know that this is experimental and it's supposed to be a way for the economy to be stable and to not make everyone start making the same farm of the same item and AFKing in that farm 24/7.

Enhanced Bone Meal
Bone meal has been improved, you can now use it to turn dirt into grass, cobble into mossy stone, mossy stone into vine.
You can use it to grow cacti and sugar canes.
Using it on sand will spawn a dead bush.

OP Starter Kit
All the kits got revamped and they're now more powerful than ever! The StarterKit will be full diamond and full enchanted, kit basic got opped as well and now it's full iron with enchants.
The starter chest on each island has been improved and it will now contain a diamond set, golden apples, blocks, multiple buckets of water and lava and a lot more.

Use /warp quests and click on the NPC, it will open a menu with some available quests, complete them to get money or a quest crate key.

Extracted Experience
You can now extract your experience into a handy bottle, just use /extractxp and you'll receive a drinkable XP bottle with all your levels.
You can trade, sell, gift or just store in a secure place your experience.

SellTool (Hero+)
Use /kit selltool to receive the sell tool, right click on a chest to get its total worth in $ or left click to sell the whole content without wasting time warping to shop or using /sell all.

Stacked Buckets
That's right. You can now stack water, lava and milk buckets up to 16 per stack.

CustomEnchantments-Free Arena
Not everyone likes custom enchantments and for this reason we made an arena specifically for vanilla PVP where only vanilla enchantments will be enabled.
Try it out at /warp vanillapvp

Better KOTH
We decided to place the KOTH on an actual hill and you can be the king just in a small area on the top, prove yourself and stay on top longer than anyone else!
There are no friends on the internet, just people behaving in a way to delay their ban. No mercy for you, fools.


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