Carefully listen to me and think about it

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Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:38 am

I was banned as "codencraftnerd" for adv in RPG, I apologized for it twice but no RESPONSE. Also it was caused due to a misunderstanding but I still apologizes for it because there is no way I can prove that I shouldn't be held GUILTY.
Now I uses account as "princemit776". IF you have a well organized data base then you can see that this account was made much before making of the account - codencraftnerd
So it is obvious that it wasn't an actual ban evading because in legit definition of ban evading one makes another account illegally and plays with it. But right now I'm banned for ban evading. Please unban me i'm just trying to play minecraft in peace with other people.

I know this shouldn't be in this forums but as I said - CAREFULLY LISTEN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAID, and you will realize that I shouldn't me banned.

Anyways I hope I will get a quick response.


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Wed Mar 21, 2018 3:55 pm

In normal cases of ban evading, a player makes a new account. However, there are cases like yours where players already have two accounts (which isn't allowed to begin with and can get you banned).

The definition of ban evading is to evade ban; it doesn't mean you have to make a new account. You can ban evade via an old account, your friend/family's account, or by creating new ones. You were banned for advertising, accident or not. If you posted an IP, you're going to be banned. The fact that you got on an old account tells us two things.

1.) You're playing on the account because your second one is banned. That's ban evading. When you're banned, you don't get to play on an old account or make a new one.

2.) If this is your old account, technically you should also be banned for alts and codecraftnerd should be permanently banned.

As far as getting unbanned, you need to make an appeal at his link and wait for a reply. That's the only way to get unbanned.

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