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We apologize for the delay that affected the assignation of coupons in past month, we had issues with the store and we're currently working on some changes that should hopefully improve it (yes, the new rank is ready and it will be released when we'll finish the changes)

Here is the list of Top OpSkyBlock island winners from last season (omitted banned players at the time):
1. Beta_Warrior (55 EUR Coupon)
2. MysticAspect (45 EUR Coupon)
3. Hxtch (35 EUR Coupon)
4. TuanShin (25 EUR Coupon)
5. caroline0223 (25 EUR Coupon)

And here's the list of Top Voters of June:
1. CrystalAce16 (55 EUR Coupon)
2. LimoGsK(45 EUR Coupon)
3. watashiwaNxDs(35 EUR Coupon)
4. RitzyPirateFowl(25 EUR Coupon)
5. the1466(25 EUR Coupon)

If you are a winner PM Dieu here on the forum to claim your reward by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose

WARNING: since we're still experiencing issues with the store all the coupons that will be handed out today will have a validity of 7 days starting from now.
After 7 days they will be voided and will expire.

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