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Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:20 pm


And again, updates for this month.

New /afk
The new enhanced /afk will allow you to specify a reason such as /afk studying (sure...)
When someone will try to PM you he'll receive also the message saying that you're afk for "studying"

NPC Shop everywhere
We brought the NPC shops on all the servers now, no more signs to click. Now you'll have NPCs to click, big improvements here.
(Please note that we're still working on NPC shops, they may change in the next few days)

We added a new Discord channel in which you'll be able to follow the status of development and server management in live.
Every time I fix something, every time I add something new, every time I remove something, every time i sneeze or go to the bathroom you'll know it.
I hope that with this channel you'll see how much work there's behind what you see, so be sure to join our discord server: https://discord.gg/bhZKakC

Essentials Replacement
After 2 years of life we can finally announce that we entirely replaced Essentials, the plugin handling almost every command such as /afk, /recipe, /vanish, /help, /ptime, /pweather, etc.

Most of the updates, not listed here, and the work done in the past month was more focused on the core of our server and this means that now providing updates, fixes and new things will be a lot easier and faster for us = more stuff for you.

Expect some new releases in the next few days.
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