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Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:01 pm


Finally. It's here. Our new fancy and not-bad-looking-but-decent website is here! ;-)
It took tons of months, tons of complaints, tons of salty kids, tons of tons, but the result seems to be pretty nice.

And it also has that fancy header with those moving particles. I know you tried spam-clicking it already, everyone did.
It just feels good spam-clicking it making tons of particles and making everything lag.
Other than this we added the [Center] tag when you post so you can post your awesome content on forums!

This is just one of the several updates we're planning for our server such as:

  • New server logo (yes, that is taking a long time we know)
  • New server lobby (yes, you read it right, new lobby)
  • New fancy additions for SkyBlock
  • Revamped buycraft page (yes, it won't look like a scam-store anymore)
And new lobby will include fancy stuff such as:
  • Gadgets
  • Costumes
  • Hats
  • Mini-mini-games to earn coins
  • NPCs with kewl dialogues
  • A huge new map with tons of things to explore and discover
  • Collectibles
  • Music
  • Particles, lots of them. I probably over did that.
  • Mazes, dragons and islands. Tons of islands.
  • And your new girlfriend. Just kidding, you don't need that when you have gadgets.
So much stuff huh? And it's not even our final form.
Stay tuned for much more stuff @ ExtremeCraft, soon.
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