Banlist Reset and PvP Reset

by NxDs Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:44 pm


Banlist Reset

Who would have thought this day would come, we just reset the banlist.
This means that everyone that was banned before the 15th February is now able to join, regardless the amount of bans or the ban reasons.

Everyone else who got banned afterwards will still have to appeal regularly, you're late to the party. :D

PvP Reset

We also reset the PvP server and we replaced/improved all the maps :ok_hand:
They're now more flat, how pvpers like them.

So check it out at /go pvp

Banlist will be cleared (22nd), PVP server scoreboard reset!

by Dieu Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:00 pm

After much discussion, we have finally decided to move forward with a decision to clear and reset our Ban List for the first time in our network’s history of 4 years. This means that anyone who was banned before this post’s date (February 16th 12:00AM GMT+3), will be unbanned on Friday, the 22nd of this month.

This decision, and I cannot stress this enough, might never happen again in the future, and therefore a huge responsibility lays on those benefiting from it to strictly abide by our server rules as they will not be given another chance. Those who are not willing to change should save us and themselves the time and never bother coming back.
Offenses are not going to be included in the reset, and will be used for future reference.

Please note that after the Ban List reset takes place on Friday the 22nd, the only way to get unbanned is through our regular appealing process. Don’t bother PMing anyone on Discord, no exceptions will be made.
It’s also important to note that bought unbans will not be an option.

This brings us to the next big thing. Boosting of any kind on MiniGames or PVP server will now result in a ban without exceptions. We will also reset scoreboard for PVP server and there will be a huge map refresh. :ok_hand:

Happy hunting! And the people who are looking to get back... make sure you check the rules.

PS: If you're caught alting your ban reason and timestamp will be updated and you will NOT be unbanned.

BuildBattle Winners and Anarchy Server

by NxDs Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:29 pm


Build Battle

Here you have it, the complete list of the BuildBattle winners :D
With a couple of days of delay yeah sorry about that

So here's the list:
1st: Zziu ( -1;0 )
2nd: L1nuZArtZ ( -6;46 )
3rd: daiyamondo_ ( -6:16 )
4th: Lichalexander ( 26;76 )
5th: ImHisLuna ( -6;-11 )
6th: FindTheStars ( 71;74 )

The plots have been copied next to the spawn so you can have a look at them :ok_hand:
And as promised the winners will receive a title of their choice, just pm me on Discord

Anarchy Server

Double announcement, we also released our new Anarchy server.
It's a server based on survival but aimed to destroy already dying trust you have towards other players.

There are no claims, you can grief, steal, make things explode, scam, tpkill, warpkill and do all those fancy things that you would get punished for on other servers :+1:

So check it out at /go anarchy

OpSurvival Reset

by NxDs Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:10 pm


There you go, you voted for it and we delivered once again, OpSurvival reset.

Here's what we added:
- New custom enchants
- BossFights
- Resource Pets
- New World

And that's about it, we followed your requests and limited the additions to this and regenerated the economy, player data and map :ok_hand:

Top Voters - December

by Dieu Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:31 pm

It has come to our attention that some players found new creative ways of getting more votes than they normally would. As this was not forbidden we're still going to send out vouchers to top voters in December, however starting with 2019 we won't be giving out vouchers to top voters until we find effective way to deal with this.

Players will still receive in-game rewards for voting - those did not change.

Top Voters in December:
1. BlackQueennn (55 EUR Voucher)
2. WhySoNxDs (45 EUR Voucher)
3. Sherllock (35 EUR Voucher)
4. o_0X (25 EUR Voucher)
5. Wazowski_Mike (25 EUR Voucher)

If you are a winner, PM me here on the forum to claim your reward by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=48 :+1:

PS: Happy new year!

OpFactions - Winners and Paypal Rewards

by NxDs Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:25 pm


As promised here it is, OpFactions reset :D

Here's what you can expect (kinda what we announced already):

- BossFights
- New Custom Enchants
- Better economy and improved crates
- More bucket generators
- Chunk Rippers and Magic TNT
- The End will have a bedrock layer
- New Spawn
- ResourcePets to generate redstone related stuff, TNT and much more
- 25,000 x 25,000 blocks map
- 10,000 x 10,000 blocks end map
- /f ping
- Improved /f envoy
- Stackable buckets

We are testing a new reward system starting with this season, we will be offering a PayPal reward OR the usual store coupon with doubled value.
It's just a sperimental thing, we'll see how it goes.

Here's the top 5 of past season:

1 - Rich (BAReHENrik2) - Reward: 100€ Coupon
2 - TheUprising (xJohn_Wickx) - Reward: 90€ Coupon
3 - Graveyard (BAronOfDeath_) - Reward: 80€ Coupon
4 - TheUprising2 (F4Rj4D) - Reward: 70€ Coupon
5 - DogeArmy (FluffyChara) - Reward: 60€ Coupon

If you're a winner please provide to contact Dieu here on the forum.

OpFactions Reset - Announcement

by NxDs Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:14 pm


Here we are, totally not 4 weeks late for the reset :kappa:

This is what to expect after the reset:

- BossFights
- Magic TNT
- Chunk Rippers
- Bedrock in End world
- New fancy spawn

The reset will be this Friday, 28 December
You have around 24 hours from now to start farming, selling, doing whatever you can to reach the f top 5 to claim the rewards :+1: